With that said, here are 10 of the best and most popular asian beef recipes you will love! It is without a doubt that asian cuisines have one the best integration and meal selection when it comes to beef. Beef stew? Check. Beef soaked in delicious sauce? Check. Beef bulgogi? Check. Whatever you think of, it probably already exists in the Asian cuisine.

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10. Teriyaki Beef Stir Fry


Stir-fries make me feel like a kitchen wizard. From the fridge, there is but a hodgepodge of on-the-brink veggies; from the pantry, a bottle of soy sauce. A spell of garlic and a flash of the pan later, and we have magic: Teriyaki Beef Stir Fry!

Tender sirloin steak cooked in a quick homemade teriyaki sauce with whatever fresh or frozen vegetables you care to throw its way, this healthy beef stir fry recipe is happy to be served with noodles, rice, or wrapped inside lettuce leaves.

Teriyaki Beef Stir Fry

Check one of the Asian Beef Recipes here.


9. Mongolian Beef A Asian Beef Recipes


This Homemade Mongolian Beef is the perfect (under 30-minute) recipe the whole family will love. The crispy yet tender beef is amazing with the garlic and ginger sweet and savory sauce.

We love re-creating out favorite takeout recipes like Chow Mein and Fried Rice. This Chinese restaurant inspired Mongolian Beef is so EASY to make and tastes just as amazing as P.F. Chang’s. Thinly sliced beef seared until crispy with carrots, bell pepper, and green onion in a sweet and spicy sauce that adds so much flavor to the beef.

Mongolian Beef

Check one of the Asian Beef Recipes here.


8. Sri Lankan Devilled Beef (Spicy Dry Beef Curry)


Spicy, tangy and sweet, this Sri Lankan Devilled Beef (Spicy Dry Beef Curry) recipe combines Sri Lankan and Chinese cuisine with devilishly flavorful results! A staple in many Sri Lankan restaurants, and the perfect side dish to enjoy with a cold beer, this recipe can also be made with chicken, pork, lamb or mutton as well.

Sri Lankan Devilled Beef (Spicy Dry Beef Curry)

Check one of the Asian Beef Recipes here.


7. Beef Stir Fry A Asian Beef Recipes


Tender strips of sirloin steak and crisp snow peas are cooked in a quick and flavorful homemade sauce in 20 minutes for a fantastic easy dinner!

Beef Stir Fry

Check one of the Asian Beef Recipes here.


6. Chinese Pepper Steak


This Pepper Steak Recipe rivals your favorite takeout but is healthier and made with pantry friendly ingredients. It boasts buttery tender beef and crisp-tender bell peppers enveloped in a dynamic stir fry sauce infused with garlic, ginger, sesame oil and chili sauce. This Pepper Steak recipe is easy to customize and easy to make ahead – then it’s just a quick stir fry to dinner! You can serve the Pepper Steak with rice or low carb cauliflower rice or zoodles along with homemade egg rolls and crab rangoons.

Chinese Pepper Steak

Check one of the Asian Beef Recipes here.


5. Hoisin Beef Noodles


Hoisin Beef Noodles – Let’s find a more fun way to use up that ground beef in your fridge! This recipe is made with an easy sauce, tender ramen noodles, crunchy veggies, and lots of beef. Check out my easy-to-follow instructions plus all the amazing ways you can customize this recipe to fit the ingredients you have at home!

The sauce is created from a classic selection of Asian-inspired ingredients that I always keep on hand! You might not use ingredients like dark soy sauce or oyster sauce on a regular basis, but, trust me, you’ll want to after trying this recipe out. It’s a great balance of sweet, salty, and aroma that will make any stir fry feel like it’s straight from a restaurant.

Hoisin Beef Noodles

Check one of the Asian Beef Recipes here.


4. Easy Beef Salad With Asian Slaw


Easy beef salad, lean slices of marinated steak served with a crunchy slaw, comprising a rainbow of crisp vegetables and an Asian inspired dressing.

Meat is something we can all enjoy as part of a balanced diet. Therefore, our easy beef salad recipe uses lean sirloin steak with the top layer of fat removed. We have enhanced the flavour of this delicious cut by adding a quick and simple marinade.

Easy Beef Salad With Asian Slaw

Check one of the Asian Beef Recipes here.


3. Spicy Mongolian Beef A Asian Beef Recipes


Tender, juicy pieces of flash-fried beef are coated in a sticky, spicy Mongolian sauce which is seasoned with chili for that fiery kick, ginger garlic for aroma and brown sugar to balance it all. This dish is a perfect weeknight meal because it is cooked in 20 minutes.

Mongolian Beef is served in Chinese restaurants and is especially very popular at P.F Chang’s. It has no similarity to the Mongolian cuisine. The name has been derived from a Mongolian barbecue dish that originated in Taiwan.

Chinese dishes are so quick and easy. And this one is the quickest of them all because you won’t be chopping a lot of vegetables. You can definitely include a side of stir-fried veggies. Steamed broccoli is often served with Spicy Mongolian Beef.

Spicy Mongolian Beef

Check one of the Asian Beef Recipes here.


2. Incredibly Delicious Easy Beef Bulgogi


My Bulgogi recipe contains the secret to the ultimate flavourful marinade. The quick cooking thin sliced rib eye is tender with a slightly sweet, smoky, and savoury flavour. The mouthwatering tender beef just oozes flavour, hitting all the sweet, salty, savoury, and slightly spicy notes Beef Bulgogi is known for. It’s sure to become your newest barbecue go-to recipe!

Bulgogi, pronounced ‘Buul-GOH-ghee’ is a term that encompasses many recognizable Korean BBQ dishes. Basically, it consists of meat (gogi) that is quickly cooked over a fire (bul). Sometimes the meat is marinated, sometimes it isn’t. It can be grilled as a full steak, pounded meat, on skewers, or as thin slices.

Incredibly Delicious Easy Beef Bulgogi

Check one of the Asian Beef Recipes here.


1. Korean Grilled Flank Steak with Asian Chimichurri


Grilled Flank Steak flavored with the tastiest sweet and savory Korean style marinade then grilled until melt-in-your-mouth perfection! Serve this juicy and tender flank steak with fresh Asian style Chimichurri for the most delicious steak dinner!

Although the Asian chimichurri is totally optional, trust me you do not want to miss it! The tasty fresh cilantro and basil Asian chimichurri is bursting with flavor and it can be made while your steak marinates.

Korean Grilled Flank Steak with Asian Chimichurri

Check one of the Asian Beef Recipes here.


Remember now the Asian Beef Recipes for later:


10 Best Asian Beef Recipes - Healthy Asian Recipes

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