We know spring and summertime means strawberry season! If you’re looking for new and delicious strawberry recipes to try this Spring and summer, we got you covered! Here are some of our tried and tested recipes featuring fresh and juicy strawberries that your whole family will enjoy.

You need of a quick fix of vitamins and antioxidants, then strawberries are your best option! Strawberries are among the top 20 fruits in antioxidant capacity and are a good source of manganese and potassium. They’re an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese and also help in blood sugar control. Aside from that, strawberries make the best and tastiest desserts! With that said, here are tasty strawberry recipes that you will surely love!

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10. Copycat Frisch’s Big Boy Fresh Strawberry Pie


This strawberry pie tastes JUST like the classic pie from Frisch’s Big Boy/Shoneys! It uses 6 simple ingredients, and a pre-made pie crust to make it easy!

Classic fresh strawberry pie… if you’ve never had it, you absolutely MUST try it!  This copycat version tastes JUST like the Frisch’s Big Boy or Shoneys treat, and is made super easy.  Just 6 common ingredients and an easy pre-made frozen pie crust… you can totally do this!

Copycat Frisch’s Big Boy Fresh Strawberry Pie

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9. Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes


These Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes are moist, tender and totally addicting! There are pieces of chopped strawberry in the cupcake and they are topped with strawberry buttercream! So much flavor and perfect for spring and summer!

Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes

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8. Strawberry Tiramisu No Bake Layered Dessert


Strawberry Tiramisu is the amazingly light and refreshing dessert you didn’t know you needed. It’s a fun and easy twist on the Italian classic.

This is a fun dessert that is so easy to make. It’s the perfect finish for any meal but is especially incredible for a holiday. It would be fantastic for Valentine’s Day!

Strawberry Tiramisu No Bake Layered Dessert

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7. Strawberry Scones


Light as a feather and rich in the taste of fresh strawberries, this Strawberry Scone recipe is lightened up in time for the New Year. You don’t have to wait until strawberries come into season to enjoy this recipe. I’ve even included ways dozens of flavor suggestions to inspire you more to play with the flavors here.

When are Strawberries in Season?

While strawberries can be found year round in grocery stores. Strawberries in the US are in peak season between April and June. However, if they aren’t in season or seem tasteless, you are better off using freeze dried strawberries for this recipe. If you don’t have freeze dried, then 1.5 cups of fresh strawberries chopped small will work as well, but with moist fresh strawberries, they won’t hold up well on the counter for a length of time.

Strawberry Scones

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6. Strawberry Cake A Fresh Strawberry Recipes


A fresh strawberry cake recipe made completely from scratch. Incredibly soft layers filled and topped off with mouth-watering cream cheese frosting. You’ll love how fluffy, delicious, and moist this homemade strawberry cake is.

I wanted to bake a dessert that was easy, entire from scratch, and super delicious. Let me tell you, I accomplished that mission. This old fashioned strawberry cake is made without gelatin. It gets all its strawberry flavor from the fresh strawberries and strawberry jam. I added 1/4 cup of jam to the cream cheese frosting for a more intense flavor.

Strawberry Cake

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5. Strawberry Angel Food Dessert


This fun and bright Strawberry Angel Food Dessert will be a perfect dessert for your next party! This is a fun dessert that is so easy to make. It’s the perfect finish for any meal but is especially incredible for a holiday. It would be fantastic for Valentine’s Day!

Strawberry Angel Food Dessert

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4. Fresh Strawberry Yum A Strawberry Dessert Recipes


Love spring and summer’s fresh strawberries?  They’re even better enjoyed in this dreamy, creamy Fresh Strawberry Yum Yum!  A layer of fresh berries sandwiched between two thick fluffy layers of deliciousness makes for one very tasty dessert, indeed.  As an added bonus, this Southern classic dessert is no-bake, too.

Fresh Strawberry Yum Yum

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3. Delicious No-Bake Dessert – Strawberry Mascarpone Tart Recipe


This yummy no-bake strawberry mascarpone tart recipe is a wonderful summer recipe but delicious any time of the year. Made with fresh fruit, mascarpone cheese and almonds (optional) it’s bound to be the hit of any gathering.

PS: You could also add a few blueberries and make this a red, white and blue dessert for 4th of July or it’s perfect as it is for a Canada Day dessert. I can come up with any excuse to have this yummy mascarpone mixture turned into the perfect all-occasion treat.

Delicious No-Bake Dessert – Strawberry Mascarpone Tart Recipe

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2. Red, White, and Blue Muffins Recipe: Have a Patriotic Holiday Breakfast


Memorial Day is around the corner (and that means summer is, too!), and it’s time to start brainstorming patriotic food for our barbecues! But you still have to eat breakfast before the big meal is ready, so it’s nice to have something quick, easy, and perhaps with fruit to balance the burgers and chips. This red, white, and blue muffins recipe is the greatest thing ever, and I’ll tell you why.

They get my kids to eat fruits and be happy about it. My daughter normally won’t eat strawberries, but she loves these. These are practically gourmet muffins, but super simple to make!

Red, White, and Blue Muffins Recipe: Have a Patriotic Holiday Breakfast

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1. Strawberry Puff Pastry Tartlets A Strawberry Dessert Recipes


Strawberry Puff Pastry Tartlets make a really cute bridal or baby shower dessert or brunch menu item. Top them with fresh Strawberries or any berry, and a mint leaf for a very fancy look and amazing taste without a ton of effort.

I really love how fancy these look compared to the amount of work needed to make them. You can make a bunch of these in no time flat and keep them chilled until you’re ready to serve them. You could also make just the puff pastry shells, and set out individual toppings so that party guests can add what they want to them. A build-your-own danish bar of sorts.

Strawberry Puff Pastry Tartlets

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Remember the fresh Strawberry Recipes for later:


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